Art Tech-OH NO

Technology is an amazing resource, but it doesn’t always work they way we expect it to work. Perhaps the greatest downside to using technology with any frequency is the major problems that can happen when it fails.

It seems this has been my week for experiencing technology failures of all different sorts, especially when it comes to social media. I have had problems with Facebook and Twitter. My laptop seems to not want to open certain program. As I was writing this post my Internet even went out. Hopefully, this will be the end of my technology problems for a while.

Sometimes it can be extremely frustrating, but it’s important to attempt to keep a cool head when dealing with technology. The point of this blog is to promote the use of technology among artists, but to use it comfortably it’s good to be aware of common problems. I have three general suggestions that can save you a lot of time and stress.

Save and back up your work.

We have all heard this many, many, many, many times.

When working in programs, such as Word or Photoshop, saving your work frequently will save the hassle and headache if you experience a computer crash or power failure. I suggest that at the very least you save documents every twenty minutes. Luckily, Microsoft, and many other products, have really improved their auto-save features in the last few years.

Backing up
your computers
is the second part of securing your files. I have been a victim of a hard drive crash and I hadn’t backed up my files in a while. I lost hundreds of pictures and four years of college work. I suggest that every time you create important files you back up your computer. If you have to set up a calendar appointment to back up your computer on a schedule that makes sense to you.

Take a deep breath.

I suggest taking a deep breath because often times after a few minutes things will get better. Sometimes when technology is given a break it will start to work again. While there are some who will tell you to turn something off and turn it back on to make it work, it can really just be based on time. Especially when working with websites sometimes they experience glitches and given some time the problem will resolve itself.

Report the problem.

Telling someone will not only alleviate some of your frustration, but by telling the right people you might get a solution. There is always someone who will at least have some idea how to help your problem, or share a technology failure story, because misery loves company. If you are dealing with a website or product let the company with the problem know. You can’t expect people to fix things if they don’t know they have a problem.

If you are smart about your approach to technology you can save yourself a whole lot of trouble.



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4 responses to “Art Tech-OH NO

  1. I agree that it is aggravating when technology fails, especially as a blackberry user my phone is constantly freezing in the middle of the day, and needs restarted to function properly. Usually when I save files i either e-mail them to myself until I can back them up on a drive or save them to my phone. There are also websites where you can create accounts for free to save your documents on the web instead of paying for expensive flash drives.

    • I used to have a Blackberry and had all the same problems. I’ve come to the conclusion that Blackberry’s are not-so-smartphones sometimes. I was very lucky when my hard drive crashed about a year ago that I had a lot of files in my email.

  2. emily moran

    I completely agree that technology is not always as convenient as we would like it to be and it definitely does not always cooperate when we need it to. You gave some good advice as to saving your work and backing up what you have but when it comes to facebook or twitter acting up nothing can really be done. I guess these are just minor annoyances we have to deal with in this age of technology. I enjoyed your blog, thanks for the information and bringing attention to a problem we all face at one time or another when dealing with technology.

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